Original Content: Shape It, Don’t Scrape It recently said that adults age 18-35 value authenticity more than content itself. It goes on to say that 33 percent trust blogs as their news source above all other media.

Digital media, like blogs and social media, has replaced traditional media as the world’s content authority. It’s simple. The most authentic content wins.

The problem is, it’s getting harder to tell what content is authentic and what you shouldn’t waste your time reading.Continue Reading..


Responsive Design = Better Content

Responsive web design delivers better content. Period. To understand why, let’s start with a simple definition of responsive design.

Responsive web design adjusts to user needs by delivering web content based on device size and capability. The goal is to optimize the user experience by delivering useful, valuable content that can be consumed easily on any device.

To web designers, responsive design might seem like old news. But, it wasn’t that long ago that Ethan Marcotte first coined the term “responsive web design” in A List Apart in 2010. Fast forward three years later, Mashable named 2013 The Year of Responsive Design.Continue Reading..


Five Reasons You Should Always Be Yourself at Work

This week posted an article titled 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Yourself at Work.

It says that “Authenticity is a buzzword in business, often considered the golden ticket to leadership.

Authenticity is a way of life. It’s a personality trait, not an professional trend. It’s not something you hear at a conference, and adopt as a career growth tool to acquire a leadership role.

Great leaders emerge from growth through experience. Often times they must go through tough situations and overcome challenges to get there.Continue Reading..


Never Get Comfortable Because Business

It’s a new year!

January is historically marked by resolutions. That’s because December is notorious for people checking out at work, taking days off, and relaxing after a hard year’s work.

There is definitely room in business for fun and celebrating accomplishments, holidays or not. But yesterday’s wins don’t guarantee tomorrow’s opportunities.Continue Reading..