Work: Bushwick Yoga Investment Pitch Deck

Bushwick Yoga
Copywriting, Content Strategy, Business Strategy, Creative Direction,

Bushwick is one of the fastest up-and-coming neighborhoods in Brooklyn. New York’s latest gentrified community is also marked the most hip, where real estate investment doubled between 2011 and 2013. In fact, Bushwick’s white population tripled between 2000 and 2012, and has increased since.

Organic markets and large, extravagant loft apartments are now home to an influx of young professionals with cash to burn. For example, the Rheingold Brewery development with 1,000 residential units that sits on 6.4 acres bordering Flushing and Bushwick Aves—very close to an incredible 1,000 sq ft commercial space located on Flushing and Knickerbocker Aves that’s perfect for a yoga studio.

Bushwick’s hipster crowd has supported competitor Loom Yoga located nearby, and as its young professional crowd continues to grow, our yoga studio will capitalize on the healthy living and wellness products/services that the community asks for by meeting excess demand for yoga with a “edgy zen” yoga studio that’s as cool as Bushwick itself, and not only attracts attention but draws the Bushwick community closer together as we shape the new neighborhood at Bushwick Yoga.


Work: Make Believe Studios

Make Believe Studios, Website Redesign
Copywriting, Content Strategy, UX/UI, Creative Direction

Make Believe Studios is a legendary recording and pre-production music studio in Omaha, Nebraska. Housed in a custom, $350,000 studio compound in Omaha’s midtown neighborhood, it boasts a powerhouse of award-winning artists in its music industry resume.

As a new studio, they needed to make a hard entrance into Omaha’s world-renown indie music scene with short, powerful statements that promote the full roster of music and production equipment within their compound walls. They also needed a non-templated, yet classic visual representation of the studio itself and the city they are so proud to call home.

The copy on the site is designed to be informational, now only on the studio itself, but has a strong focus on the types of committed music artist clients that they want to attract—the true artists who are willing to put in the work. Lastly, the copy is intended to evoke a sense of wonder about the studio, enticing the imaginations of potential clients with the types of new music they’ll make next. By promoting Make Believe Studios as a world-class recording studio, the result led to attracting the right kinds of clients.


Work: Mutual of Omaha “Connected to You” Campaign

Mutual of Omaha ‘Connected to You’ Campaign
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting

Mutual of Omaha was challenged with re-engaging a once active brokerage business by establishing a meaningful connections with agents in their broker network. The lack of engagement was due to Med Supp legislative impacts on the company’s core revenue streams.

As a result, brokers had a hard time selling Mutual of Omaha’s med supp policy, and many chose to focus their efforts outside of the Mutual of Omaha network. The creative objective was to engage with brokers and agents in a meaningful, human-focused way that stood out from the same old copy-heavy direct mail and digital med supp content they’re used to seeing. I co-lead original photography, creative direction, art direction, copywriting, brand positioning, and cross-platform campaign execution, including print and digital.

The ‘Connected to You’ campaign resulted in an increase in engagement within the broker network due to the service-oriented messaging built into the campaign that was designed to make brokers and agents feel supported by Mutual of Omaha’s service organization, and thus, choose to sell Mutual of Omaha med supp products in order to avoid the hassle of corporate processing and operational inefficiencies at competing insurance companies.


Work: Mutual of Omaha Bank “Take That to the Bank” Campaign

Mutual of Omaha Bank, ‘Take That to the Bank’
Copywriting, Brand Strategy & Positioning, Creative Direction

In 2008 during a time of recession, Mutual of Omaha Insurance company was cash heavy due to a successful insurance business. It rushed to acquire FDIC-failed banks in 10 markets in an attempt to grow quickly and leverage the positive financial benefits of acquiring an explosive customer base.

The bank was experiencing a brand disconnect due to the resistance of acquired bank network employees’ unwillingness to let go of their previous failed bank brands. The advantage of the Mutual of Omaha and Mutual of Omaha Bank brand is that it has over 100 years of history being a household name due to the early success of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

The ‘Take That to the Bank’ tagline aims to evoke a sense of confidence in Mutual of Omaha Bank’s financial stability during a time of financial hardship. Updating to one Mutual of Omaha Bank brand also worked to unify a once disparate, brand new bank network into one, solid, resounding voice that resonates across the country.

Lastly, formulating the copy in short, powerful, and meaningful messages that evoke various emotions rather than just sell banking products, this consistent approach created visual, copy, and brand recognition that raised brand awareness in regards to Mutual of Omaha Bank’s financial strength, and spurred bank enterprise revenue growth quickly in five short years.


Work: Creighton University Analytics Dashboard


Creighton University Analytics Dashboard
UI Design, Information Architecture

Creighton University is a NCAA Division 1 Basketball leader, and humble Jesuit university in Omaha, Nebraska. Although their website gets plenty of traffic from basketball fans, Creighton’s internal Communications & Marketing team was charged with lead generation for new student recruitment at all levels. Yet, they had no analytical understanding of who their current and potential student audiences were online, and as a result were in effective in optimizing ad spend dollars in order to attract top-tier students.

As a result, I partnered with Creighton’s Communications & Marketing team to introduce a mobile-optimized analytics dashboard that would empower every key university stakeholder—from President to marketing coordinator—with up-to-date Google Analytics information that provided valuable insight into which calls-to-action were being completed, which ones weren’t, and began to uncover usability issues with the website, that sparked meaningful internal discussion on how to improve the user experience of Creighton’s student recruitment sites to drive more leads.


Work: Custom Stay Wireframes

Custom Stay
Wireframing, UX Design

Custom Stay is a hotel amenities app that leverages user profiles, behaviors and preferences in order to create a unique experience customized for each guest.

This white label app is designed to be re-skinned with the appropriate branding and color palette for each hotel brand that utilized it. This app is a first of its kind in that it empowers hotel guests to create customized stays that they know they’ll enjoy in any hotel, any city, and any country in the world.

The challenge was to simplify each user’s experience within the app by limiting options based on preferences settings and personal information input during sign-up. Yet, Custom Stay still displays local competitor rates in order to stay relevant and ahead of the competitive curve.


Work: GoIDIt

Strategy, User Experience, Content, Visual Design

GoIDIt is an enterprise inventory reconciliation software system designed to monitor and locate on-lot vehicle inventory owned by used and new car dealerships. Like many dealerships, most current vehicle inventory on each dealership’s lot has liens owned by banks and financial institutions.

Each month, the financial institution that holds the lien must visit each car dealership in-person and conduct monthly vehicle inventory reconciliation manually using printed lists, as well as the dealership itself. The GoIDIt inventory tracking system saves time and resources spent on conducting manual reconciliations by providing an easy-to-use search and locate system that is custom-designed for each dealership lot and current inventory.

Available responsively on desktop and hybrid mobile app platforms, GoIDIt allows banks, dealerships, sales managers and sales pros to quickly locate any vehicle on the lot, as well as monitor recent activity via bluetooth hardware on each vehicle powered by GoIDIt’s robust vehicle
inventory tracking capabilities.


Work: Hip Pocket

Hip Pocket
Product Design, User Experience, Visual Design, Mobile Enterprise Solution

Hip Pocket drives mortgage leads for banks by providing users with a honest assessment of the mortgage deal they’re getting in relation to their peers. With Hip Pocket v1 off the ground, founders knew Hip Pocket needed an improved user experience to increase engagement. The 2nd generation digital product was redesigned with a simplified, human-centered approach that aimed to drive leads to mortgage bankers while making users feel comfortable providing their financial and personal information.

By determining what information would be most relevant to users, how that information should be communicated verbally and visually, and how the experience should progress overall, the fully-responsive Hip Pocket lead gen tool aimed to get the volume of conversions Hip Pocket’s potential bank clients were looking for. The language was transformed from corporate and mechanical to conversational and human, and reshaped overlycomplex data visualization to display meaningful financial comparison data that’s easy to understand and viewable on any device. Going fullyresponsivemade the tool more usable and accessible, which exponentially increased the potential reach for lead generation results.