Work: Custom Stay Wireframes

Custom Stay
Wireframing, UX Design

Custom Stay is a hotel amenities app that leverages user profiles, behaviors and preferences in order to create a unique experience customized for each guest.

This white label app is designed to be re-skinned with the appropriate branding and color palette for each hotel brand that utilized it. This app is a first of its kind in that it empowers hotel guests to create customized stays that they know they’ll enjoy in any hotel, any city, and any country in the world.

The challenge was to simplify each user’s experience within the app by limiting options based on preferences settings and personal information input during sign-up. Yet, Custom Stay still displays local competitor rates in order to stay relevant and ahead of the competitive curve.


Work: GoIDIt

Strategy, User Experience, Content, Visual Design

GoIDIt is an enterprise inventory reconciliation software system designed to monitor and locate on-lot vehicle inventory owned by used and new car dealerships. Like many dealerships, most current vehicle inventory on each dealership’s lot has liens owned by banks and financial institutions.

Each month, the financial institution that holds the lien must visit each car dealership in-person and conduct monthly vehicle inventory reconciliation manually using printed lists, as well as the dealership itself. The GoIDIt inventory tracking system saves time and resources spent on conducting manual reconciliations by providing an easy-to-use search and locate system that is custom-designed for each dealership lot and current inventory.

Available responsively on desktop and hybrid mobile app platforms, GoIDIt allows banks, dealerships, sales managers and sales pros to quickly locate any vehicle on the lot, as well as monitor recent activity via bluetooth hardware on each vehicle powered by GoIDIt’s robust vehicle
inventory tracking capabilities.


Work: Hip Pocket

Hip Pocket
Product Design, User Experience, Visual Design, Mobile Enterprise Solution

Hip Pocket drives mortgage leads for banks by providing users with a honest assessment of the mortgage deal they’re getting in relation to their peers. With Hip Pocket v1 off the ground, founders knew Hip Pocket needed an improved user experience to increase engagement. The 2nd generation digital product was redesigned with a simplified, human-centered approach that aimed to drive leads to mortgage bankers while making users feel comfortable providing their financial and personal information.

By determining what information would be most relevant to users, how that information should be communicated verbally and visually, and how the experience should progress overall, the fully-responsive Hip Pocket lead gen tool aimed to get the volume of conversions Hip Pocket’s potential bank clients were looking for. The language was transformed from corporate and mechanical to conversational and human, and reshaped overlycomplex data visualization to display meaningful financial comparison data that’s easy to understand and viewable on any device. Going fullyresponsivemade the tool more usable and accessible, which exponentially increased the potential reach for lead generation results.


Work: Grid Content Co.

Grid Content Co.
Strategy, User Experience, Content, Front-End Development, Visual Design

Grid Content Co. is a content-focused strategy and experience design agency that creates authentic, human-centered interactions. It set out to do what other design agencies locally and nationally don’t specialize in—strategic content that connects with real people to accomplish user and business goals.

Grid develops strategies and designs experiences that transform content into a valuable asset for small and large enterprises to solve problems, capture opportunities, maximize resources and grow businesses.

The goal is simple: leverage content as a strategic force that can create meaningful experiences, build relationships and meet key business performance goals in a way that people want to engage with. To capture this market, a web site and extensive blog were designed to be informative, yet fun and playful in a way that explains the power of content concisely to attract the right types of clients— business partners that want to collaborate, and genuinely show their brand’s personality in order to attract the right people to achieve user-focused goals.


Work: Eye Plastic Surgeons of CNY

Eye Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons of CNY
Strategy, User Experience, Content, Visual Design

Eye Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons of Central New York are Upstate’s premier ophthalmology experts. Having recently gained two new surgeon partners, the eye surgery practice and specialized surgery center required a makeover in order to accurately represent its brand—and to reach more tech savvy cosmetic surgery clients.

The redesigned site strategy,information architecture and visual design reflect a content renovation that aligns with the practice’s top priorities: providing expert information to current and potential patients, making important information readable and easy to find, giving patients directions to the new surgery center’s location, and featuring an updated product offering that attracts more cosmetic patients. Most importantly, the redesigned site is fully responsive, and easy to read and navigate on any device—at home researching treatments or on the way for a visit—even for those with vision impairments.


Work: The Brasserie—Central New York

The Brasserie

Content Strategy, Branding, Identity, Web Design

The Brasserie is a European-inspired restaurant in Upstate New York that aimed to identify and reach target audiences for their grand opening and beyond. A comprehensive content strategy was developed to launch their brand, including a strong visual identity, logo, and brand style guide.

A responsive web site that could be accessed easily from any device—desktop or mobile—makes it easy for users to selectively browse a large amount of content depending on user-specific needs. With a constantly changing craft drink and food menu, The Brasserie was empowered with an easy-to-use content management platform that lets them update menu items for daily and weekly specials—which gives customers a reason to keep coming back to their web site to check out the newest craft beer and cocktail offerings.


Wicked Happy Holidays from Grid Content Co.

In 2017, we had great success in building and selling a technology product. It kept our heads buried deep in our work until everything was done.

In 2018, we’re coming back better, smarter, and more strategic than ever by working with clients to enhance their digital analytics understanding for decision making, and lead them to creating incredible strategic, creative content that people connect with.

In the last year, we also added a dynamic duo to the Grid Content Co. team—Mark and Madalyn McKinney. Mark is a strategic heavy-hitter with a $1m+ sales record, and Madalyn manages all the details to keep our creative strategies on track and working all the time.

Stay tuned in 2018 as we launch all new video, social, and digital content that helps educate and inform our marketing, business, design, and development partners to make the best content decisions possible for maximum customer engagement online.

See you soon! Happy Holidays!

Todd, Mark, and Maddie


Watch Hip Pocket 2.0 Demo at Finovate Spring 2015

Last week, Grid Content Co. teamed up with Mark Zmarzly, CEO of Hip Pocket and Pipeline fellow, to demo the 2.0 version of the social mortgage comparison tool.

We partnered with Ed McKee of Kodestarters in Lincoln, NE to enhance the user experience and interface design in order to demo v2.0 alongside 70 other innovative fintech companies in the heart of Silicon Valley on May 12-13, 2015.

See some of the best tweets during our seven minute demo below. We especially love the hipster facial hair callout!


What We Learned at Create Upstate Conference

Last week @gridcontentco led a half-day content strategy workshop @CreateUpstate conference—a two-day creative conference for makers in Upstate NY.

We set three simple but important expectations to guide our working session. These few guidelines not only applied to the workshop, but are helpful every day to do our best work.Continue Reading..


Break It ‘Til You Make It

We recently launched a new website. Now with 33 percent more pug!

Instead of just announcing a new site, we want to take the opportunity to talk about a couple lessons we learned in the process.

Since we started Grid Content Co., we’ve pushed ourselves to learn new things, take calculated risks and expand our skills beyond where they were a year ago, or even yesterday. Even if that means breaking things along the way.

It’s OK If You Fuck It Up
Just a day before our new site went live, we ran into issues linking all site files on the backend. Images weren’t displaying properly. Domain settings weren’t pointing correctly. Our email went down for a day without us knowing until a client told us about it. “What are we going to do if a client can’t email us!?”

Continue Reading..