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Create Upstate Content Strategy Crash Course

We’re super excited to announce we’ll be leading a half-day Content Strategy Crash Course at Create Upstate—a two-day conference tailor-made for designers and makers of wonderful things in Upstate New York.

Create Upstate is lead by Dan Rose—an interface designer at WSOL, editor at Smashing Magazine and the guy who created Photoshop Etiquette, a guide to discernible web design in photoshop. The two-day conference will feature Brooklyn-based speaker Dana Tanamachi-Williams, who’s worked with Google, Yahoo!, Rugby Ralph Lauren and TIME Magazine.

The Content Strategy Crash Course, lead by Michelle Bersani and Todd Cramer, will explain why employing a good content strategy isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity in a multi-device world of smart phones and tablets.Continue Reading..


Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

At the end of 2014, Google introduced a “mobile-friendly” label to websites searched on mobile devices. When you search, Google populates search results with a prominent “mobile-friendly” label directly below the URL.

We Searched Our Own Website
Google also released a Google Developers tool to determine if a website is “mobile-friendly” called the Mobile-Friendly Test. Google’s easy pass/fail test analyzes any URL to classify its mobile experience for users.

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Original Content: Shape It, Don’t Scrape It recently said that adults age 18-35 value authenticity more than content itself. It goes on to say that 33 percent trust blogs as their news source above all other media.

Digital media, like blogs and social media, has replaced traditional media as the world’s content authority. It’s simple. The most authentic content wins.

The problem is, it’s getting harder to tell what content is authentic and what you shouldn’t waste your time reading.Continue Reading..


Responsive Design = Better Content

Responsive web design delivers better content. Period. To understand why, let’s start with a simple definition of responsive design.

Responsive web design adjusts to user needs by delivering web content based on device size and capability. The goal is to optimize the user experience by delivering useful, valuable content that can be consumed easily on any device.

To web designers, responsive design might seem like old news. But, it wasn’t that long ago that Ethan Marcotte first coined the term “responsive web design” in A List Apart in 2010. Fast forward three years later, Mashable named 2013 The Year of Responsive Design.Continue Reading..


Five Reasons You Should Always Be Yourself at Work

This week posted an article titled 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Yourself at Work.

It says that “Authenticity is a buzzword in business, often considered the golden ticket to leadership.

Authenticity is a way of life. It’s a personality trait, not an professional trend. It’s not something you hear at a conference, and adopt as a career growth tool to acquire a leadership role.

Great leaders emerge from growth through experience. Often times they must go through tough situations and overcome challenges to get there.Continue Reading..


Never Get Comfortable Because Business

It’s a new year!

January is historically marked by resolutions. That’s because December is notorious for people checking out at work, taking days off, and relaxing after a hard year’s work.

There is definitely room in business for fun and celebrating accomplishments, holidays or not. But yesterday’s wins don’t guarantee tomorrow’s opportunities.Continue Reading..


Thank You from Grid Content Co.

Well, friends, this year has been an exciting adventure!

We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to start a business that we believe in so much that we had no choice but to launch Grid Content Co. in July.

More than trials and errors, we’ve embraced one super important, personal and meaningful lesson: the value of community. 

We wouldn’t be able to pursue our content strategy dream without the support of our friends and colleagues in the startup, design and business communities.Continue Reading..


Storytime 2: Home Alone – Trap Remix

Download the Storytime 2 – Trap Remix

Last night AIGA Nebraska and daOMA partnered for Storytime 2: Home Alone PKN #24 at The Slowdown in Omaha, Nebraska.

This is the second year that #Storytime brought together the Omaha community for a wild night to hear 10 professionals reinvent a classic holiday tale in their own creative way through their unique discipline.

Storytime 2: Home Alone featured the mischievous tale of Kevin McCallister’s holiday hijinks retold through the eyes of designers, developers, a chef, a psychologist, an interior designer, an artist, and a photographer.Continue Reading..


Design + Code: Digital PB + J

It’s always a good idea to enhance your skill set, whether you’re a designer, developer, content strategist, marketing manager, or anything really.

On the other hand, the danger in taking on too many things is the risk of becoming a jack-of-all-trades vs. a multi-disciplinary expert.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Design and code are often treated as separate functions, both in theory and practice. The truth is, the two go together naturally. They both work to create intentional digital experiences, and you can’t have user-centered functionality in one without the other.Continue Reading..


Put Heart Into Your Content

What makes good content?

Content doesn’t need to be difficult, and it’s not something only “creative people” can do. Most importantly, it should be authentic and human so that it connects with real people.

Here are three things you can do when creating content for your brand or yourself:

Do It for the Right Reasons

Don’t publish content to check it off a list.

Content is a tool for genuine expression and connection. If you’ve created a social media plan that calls for one post a day, make it something meaningful and relevant.Continue Reading..