Work: Creighton University Analytics Dashboard


Creighton University Analytics Dashboard
UI Design, Information Architecture

Creighton University is a NCAA Division 1 Basketball leader, and humble Jesuit university in Omaha, Nebraska. Although their website gets plenty of traffic from basketball fans, Creighton’s internal Communications & Marketing team was charged with lead generation for new student recruitment at all levels. Yet, they had no analytical understanding of who their current and potential student audiences were online, and as a result were in effective in optimizing ad spend dollars in order to attract top-tier students.

As a result, I partnered with Creighton’s Communications & Marketing team to introduce a mobile-optimized analytics dashboard that would empower every key university stakeholder—from President to marketing coordinator—with up-to-date Google Analytics information that provided valuable insight into which calls-to-action were being completed, which ones weren’t, and began to uncover usability issues with the website, that sparked meaningful internal discussion on how to improve the user experience of Creighton’s student recruitment sites to drive more leads.

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