Work: Make Believe Studios

Make Believe Studios, Website Redesign
Copywriting, Content Strategy, UX/UI, Creative Direction

Make Believe Studios is a legendary recording and pre-production music studio in Omaha, Nebraska. Housed in a custom, $350,000 studio compound in Omaha’s midtown neighborhood, it boasts a powerhouse of award-winning artists in its music industry resume.

As a new studio, they needed to make a hard entrance into Omaha’s world-renown indie music scene with short, powerful statements that promote the full roster of music and production equipment within their compound walls. They also needed a non-templated, yet classic visual representation of the studio itself and the city they are so proud to call home.

The copy on the site is designed to be informational, now only on the studio itself, but has a strong focus on the types of committed music artist clients that they want to attract—the true artists who are willing to put in the work. Lastly, the copy is intended to evoke a sense of wonder about the studio, enticing the imaginations of potential clients with the types of new music they’ll make next. By promoting Make Believe Studios as a world-class recording studio, the result led to attracting the right kinds of clients.

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