Work: Mutual of Omaha Bank “Take That to the Bank” Campaign

Mutual of Omaha Bank, ‘Take That to the Bank’
Copywriting, Brand Strategy & Positioning, Creative Direction

In 2008 during a time of recession, Mutual of Omaha Insurance company was cash heavy due to a successful insurance business. It rushed to acquire FDIC-failed banks in 10 markets in an attempt to grow quickly and leverage the positive financial benefits of acquiring an explosive customer base.

The bank was experiencing a brand disconnect due to the resistance of acquired bank network employees’ unwillingness to let go of their previous failed bank brands. The advantage of the Mutual of Omaha and Mutual of Omaha Bank brand is that it has over 100 years of history being a household name due to the early success of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

The ‘Take That to the Bank’ tagline aims to evoke a sense of confidence in Mutual of Omaha Bank’s financial stability during a time of financial hardship. Updating to one Mutual of Omaha Bank brand also worked to unify a once disparate, brand new bank network into one, solid, resounding voice that resonates across the country.

Lastly, formulating the copy in short, powerful, and meaningful messages that evoke various emotions rather than just sell banking products, this consistent approach created visual, copy, and brand recognition that raised brand awareness in regards to Mutual of Omaha Bank’s financial strength, and spurred bank enterprise revenue growth quickly in five short years.

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